Rotten to the core…..

Rotten to the core…..

We are coming out of winter in the UK, my first event of the season loomed, that morning I zipped up my long boots and wondered if my feet would still be attached later in the evening when I removed them. I could actually monitor my pulse just standing squarely. It happens every year, during the off season I hibernate, drink a little more and carb up.

It goes, give me a day out with 4 rides in one class and its gone but there is the one fundamental muscle you need as a rider to keep you balanced and in the saddle. Fortunately with all the shifting and lifting which is involved with just keeping horses over the winter you never really become unfit but without your core muscles keeping you stable in the saddle you are a danger not only to yourself but the safety of your horse. 

I copied a link to the numerous exercises which you can do to ensure you keep in tip top condition  –  if you lose it, its really hard to get back. trust me.

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